June 10, 2020 UPDATE!

Hello LWC family,

We reopened the sanctuary building for indoor services on May 24. In order to provide as safe an environment as possible, please pay careful attention to the following updated information and instructions.


  • We installed high-end air filters for our H/VAC systems and hand sanitizer is available in the foyer.
  • There are spray bottles of disinfectant in the bathrooms. After exiting the bathroom, please use the hand sanitizer located on the wall outside the bathrooms before re-entering the sanctuary.


  • Upon arrival, an usher will direct people to stand 6 feet apart on pre-marked lines, both outside and in the foyer.
  • There will be only one set of doors for entry (at the top of the ramp) and only two sets of doors for exit (one at the top of the ramp, and one at the front of the building). Upon your arrival, each individual or family group will be escorted by an usher to an assigned seat in separate sections of the sanctuary. Please wait to be seated, and please be flexible and sit where the usher directs you.
  • The front rows of each section will be left vacant. Every other row will be left vacant, and there will be 3 empty chairs between each individual per row (except for families, who may sit together). Kids must sit with their parents and may not leave their seat unless a parent needs to take them to the bathroom.
  • There will be no gathering of groups of people inside the building! If you want to fellowship with others, please do so outside the building after the service, and maintain social distancing at all times, except for family members.
  • There will be no adult Sunday School classes, Nursery, KIDZ classes, or indoor Wednesday services until further notice, but we will continue to livestream our Wednesday night KIDZ classes and our adult Bible study. NOTE: KIDZ classes will begin meeting in the fall using Covid-19 protocols and precautions.  


  • We will have masks available for you if you want one, but we are not requiring them.
  • All those at high risk, or who have family members at high risk, are advised to stay at home and watch the service via livestream on YouTube or our Facebook page. Please stay home if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of sickness, including coughs, sneezing, and/or fever!
  • The Joel's Place building will be closed to all traffic except staff and scheduled ushers.  When KIDZ and youth classes resume, scheduled volunteers and attending children and youth will allowed entry during their classes only.     
  • Please do not bring Secret Sisters gifts or cards to the church until further notice.


  • Ushers will be at the two Exit doors to receive your tithes and offerings as you exit the foyer to the parking lot.

We continue to do everything we can to provide a safe environment for those returning to our indoor church services. However, we ask that each of you assess the risk for you personally and for your family, and stay at home if for any reason you aren't comfortable attending at this point.  As always, continue to pray for us as we make further decisions in the days and weeks ahead.  May God be glorified in and through each of us as we continue to seek His face and His will.


God bless you!


Pastor Ron